Second joint meeting of the SPINNING consortium

12/15/2022 / Meeting of the project consortium of “SPINNING—Quantum Computers based on Spin Qubits in Diamond”

The second meeting of the consortium of the project  “SPINNING—Quantum Computers based on Spin Qubits in Diamond” took place on December 8, 2022 at the University of Stuttgart. About 40 representatives of the 16 involved partners from research and industry met and discussed the current status and progress of the project.

One core topic that stood out from the work packages discussed at the meeting was the photonic coupling of spin registers. This is elementary for the innovative goal of the joint project: the realization of a diamond-based quantum processor demonstrator. For this purpose, the project plans to implement local registers of five qubits by coupling the color center spin to a photonic resonator. Such registers will then be photonically coupled to enable a scalable quantum computer. The resonator geometries required for this and how these resonators can then in turn be combined have been discussed in detail at the meeting.

Illustration quantum processor
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The quantum processor being developed in “SPINNING” is capable of operating with low cooling requirements. Thus, it may be implemented in close proximity to classical computer systems, enabling scalable and hybrid computer architectures.

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Key facts SPINNING

  • Objective: Development of a compact, scalable quantum processor based on spin qubits in diamond that can be connected to classical computers
  • Coordinator: Fraunhofer IAF
  • 28 partners from science and industry 
  • €16.1 million funding by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
  • Duration: 2022 – 2024



Project partners

The “SPINNING” consortium consists of 14 partners (universities, non-profit research institutions and industrial companies), and fourteen associated partners.

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Sponsored by The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research funds the “SPINNING” project within the program quantum technologies – from basic research to market (grant agreement number: 13N16209).