First joint meeting of the SPINNING consortium

07/14/2022 / Diamond spin-photon-based quantum computer

In line with a phenomenon of quantum physics: the “entanglement,” the state essential for quantum computing, the SPINNING consortium met at Fraunhofer IAF in July to network and exchange information on the further course of the project. For what is true in the smallest possible system of qubits in the planned diamond-based quantum processor is also true of the state of the project as a whole: Entangled parts cannot be described as individual parts with defined states, but only the overall system as such—i.e., the closely interlocking work packages of the project partners can best be considered as a whole.

At the joint meeting, project members from 16 partners from research and industry met at Fraunhofer IAF in Freiburg. The current status of the work packages covering the entire setup of the planned innovative quantum processor demonstrator were presented: from the basic system architecture including control and detection of the qubits via control firmware as well as error correction and quantum hardware to the final demonstrator design.

The visionary project goal of a functional diamond-based quantum processor demonstrator requires many steps from the basics to the final realization and the meeting showed that SPINNING is heading in the right direction.  

the spinning project consortium: 36 people infront of the Fraunhofer IAF main entrance
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At the first joint meeting of SPINNING at Fraunhofer IAF, the project consortium came together.

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Key facts SPINNING

  • Objective: Development of a compact, scalable quantum processor based on spin qubits in diamond that can be connected to classical computers
  • Coordinator: Fraunhofer IAF
  • 28 partners from science and industry 
  • €16.1 million funding by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
  • Duration: 2022 – 2024



Project partners

The “SPINNING” consortium consists of 14 partners (universities, non-profit research institutions and industrial companies), and fourteen associated partners.

Learn more about the project contributions of the partners.

Sponsored by The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research funds the “SPINNING” project within the program quantum technologies – from basic research to market (grant agreement number: 13N16209).